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Connemara Marble Crescent Moon Rustic Boho Pendant

Connemara Marble Crescent Moon Rustic Boho Pendant

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Connemara marble is only found in the Connemara region in Ireland and is a beautiful green. I have a limited quantity of this marble which I bought while I was in Ireland.

The base wire is pure copper which has been, antiqued and polished.

The pendant will arrive to you ready to wear with a cord and a polishing cloth. It is highly recommended to upgrade the chain to either the copper plated chain option or to add to your cart the pure copper chain.

Connemara marble is a healing gem for the heart and emotions, encouraging good relationships and bringing light heartedness. It is a wonderful stone for exam nerves, for self control, stability and common sense in all emotional and domestic matters.

It is believed to enhance our ability to connect with nature and kingdom spirits alone or when paired with other stones. It addresses the heart chakra primarily and heightens Celtic and Gallic connections. This stone is said to help improve one’s connections with their ancestors. The stone promotes inner wisdom and heightens one’s common sense.

The stone promotes a sense of peace and tranquility through various aspects of life. It fosters an environment for trust, emotional understanding, empathy, and, most importantly, love.

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