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Labradorite and Avenurine Copper Necklace

Labradorite and Avenurine Copper Necklace

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Experience the natural beauty and healing powers of this labradorite and aventurine accent cabochon copper necklace. The soft, iridescent hues of labradorite combined with the calming energy of aventurine help balance and protect your mind and body. Handcrafted with copper for added strength and grounding.

Labradorite is a strikingly iridescent crystal known for its mystical and transformative properties. It is believed to be a stone of magic and protection, enhancing spiritual awareness and psychic abilities. Labradorite is thought to stimulate intuition, increase synchronicity, and provide insight into one's destiny. It is often used to balance and protect the aura, dispel negative energies, and facilitate connection with higher realms. Additionally, labradorite is associated with the throat, third eye, and crown chakras, supporting communication, inner vision, and spiritual growth. It is cherished for its ability to ignite the imagination and bring clarity to dreams and aspirations.

Aventurine is a green crystal known for its harmonizing and luck-bringing properties. It is believed to be a stone of prosperity and confidence, promoting optimism, creativity, and motivation. Aventurine is thought to attract wealth and good fortune while encouraging risk-taking and leadership. It is also associated with emotional healing, fostering a sense of calm and well-being by dissipating negative emotions and thoughts. This crystal is linked to the heart chakra, aiding in the release of old patterns and encouraging new growth. Aventurine is often used to enhance physical vitality, support personal growth, and inspire a positive outlook on life.

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